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Redhill Weekly Food Distribution
by Apex Club of Bukit Timah

The Apex Club of Singapore (Bukit Timah) have been involved in the Redhill Blk 89 Food Distribution Programme since June 1988. From the initial number of 60 when we first took over, the number of beneficiaries has increased to over 280 (170 from Redhill, 130 from Kim Tian) elderly residents. Watch video here.

We foresee the number of recipients will continue to grow as we are facing an aging population in Singapore.

The food that we currently provide to the elderly is planned in a manner that will enable them to have a balanced healthy diet that they would. Beside a loaf of bread, 2-3 types of vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, kailan, cucumber etc and 2-3 dry food items, such as rice, eggs, sardines and beans are distributed each week. We have considered meat items but due to lack of refrigeration in the homes of the elderly, the idea was dropped off.

The items that distributed are set out in a fixed ‘menu’ to our regular supplier who would deliver to the site each Saturday for our packing and distribution.

Beside weekly food distribution, our club also organize and co-ordinate outings for the elderly especially during the festive period where they would receive invitations to dinners or other special events. We would hire the buses and volunteers will escort the elderly to and from the events.

Our purpose in this project is to provide better to our elderly in terms of food & social well-being. The poor elderly would not spend on nutrients food such as fresh fruits & vegetables. Our project providing these items is to ensure their needs is addressed so that they have healthier diet & will have fewer medical problems. Our volunteers also visit their home, they will chat & keep them company so as to assure them in less anxiety, as there is always someone there to help in their needs. Our volunteers will also assist the elderly with their day-to-day correspondence with the HDB, town council etc. We also provide a link between the elderly & the services they requires such as referrals to clinics, old age homes & other relevant authorities.

This project is managed & run entirely by volunteers with no expenditure on administration and manpower cost. Every dollar raised goes direct to the beneficiaries.

We are constantly approaching donors to help financing this project. However, without full time staff to source for fund, this has always been an uphill task.

The success of our project is determined by ensuring that person needy ration actually received and benefit from the ration. With the regular pool of volunteers running this project, we are able to ensure that this happen.

We are constantly assessing the needs of the elderly and would not hesitate to go further than what has been provided for. We also trying to attract more volunteers and donors so that we maintain the running of our home visit programme, looking out for sponsors and volunteers to help in the running of the Food Distribution program.

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