Association of Apex Clubs of Singapore

Get Involved 

Dear Volunteers 

The Redhill Food Distribution program is on every Saturday at 1.30pm at Block 89 Redhill Close (and we have not missed a single week since 1988). Join us in caring for the elderly!

Help required:

  • Help with the distribution of groceries to elderly
  • Home delivery of packed groceries bags to elderly
  • Home interviews for potential beneficieries
  • Help to create awareness about this Food distribution program among your friend and relatives.
  • Organise Outings for elderly & other Community service projects (eg. IMH party, Children camping etc) 
  • We are also looking for team players to join us as committed Apexians -  in the involvment of the community service projects we do!

Dear Individual Sponsors or Corporates,

If you are keen to sponsor any of the coming weeks, contact us! Your contribution will go a long way towards helping the continuation of the Redhill Food Distribution program.

Our caring partners include:

  • SAP Singapore
  • S&P Global Ratings 
  • Black & Veatch
  • Baker Technology Limited
  • Rotary Club of Pandan Valley
  • Chemicals & Machinery
  • Cargill Singapore

Dear Donors,

Any contributions in cash or kind (to the Redhill Food Distribution program, NOT to Apex BT Club) are welcome and greatly appreciated!

There are a few ways in which you may help the Redhill Food distribution programme:

  • By Cheque or Money Order

Make a cheque or money order out to "Apex Club of Bukit Timah" and send it to:

Club Treasurer (Apex Club of Bukit Timah)
BLK119 Bukit Merah View, #01-85 Singapore 152119 (ADRC's address)

Kindly indicate 'Redhill Food Distribution Contribution' on the back of the cheque.

For accounting and good record keeping, we would appreciate if you could indicate your particulars (eg. name, contact address or email) on the back of the cheque.

  • Online donation
You may help support and donate online in the link here:

  • Sponsor of items

Please inform organiser of items you would like to sponsor to avoid wastage or oversupply of weekly items. We also like to make sure that items are appropriate for elderly's consumption or use. For more info and details, please contact us.

- IMH Party

- Sponsoring Dinners and Outings for the Elderly (& Volunteers to help during Outings)

- Flag Days

- Ad-hoc projects

- Overseas projects 

What are the items In a Weekly Grocery Bag?

Typically, we provide items such as:

  • 2 ty
  • pes of Dry food (Can food, oil or rice etc)
  • 2-3 types of vegetables (Spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, or carrots etc)
  • 2 no. of  fruits (Apples, oranges or seasonal fruits)
  • A loaf of Gardenia Bread
Approx cost : $10-15 per bag

*Note: Items in the grocery bags may vary weekly according to sponsorships, items availability or budget contraints.