Association of Apex Clubs of Singapore

Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre for Elderly (ADRC) is a voluntary welfare organisation (VWO). We provide care and rehabilitation services to the frail and disabled elderly, catering mainly to the underprivileged elderly living around Bukit Merah. As a VWO, Flag Day is an important fund raising event. And through donations from public spirited individual like your good self and organisation, we can serve these elderlies with day care services as well as respite care for long term care patients.  All proceeds will go to daily therapy care for the elderlies and operating expenses of the centre. 

To find out more on ADRC, visit our site: www.apexrehab.org.sg

From now till 19th October 2019, the members of Apex Clubs of Singapore are doing our best to help raise funds for the center and you can be part of it by;

1) Join us as street FUND RAISING AMBASSADORS, sign up now!


3) Cheque donation

4) Make it a corporate community activity, email adrcflagday@apex.org.sg

* All donations over $50 will get tax exemption of 2.5 times

The best time you spend is investing in the lives of others you made a difference!